Electric Scooters Are for Adults Too

With the holiday season in full swing, toy ads galore are popping up all over people’s televisions and electronic screens. You can’t get away from it, at least not for another few weeks. The craziness has only just begun.

It’s fascinating to see newly released and sometimes reintroduced toys. This writer won’t reveal any ages, but some popular toys are just rebranded toys from childhood. Of course, that doesn’t matter one iota to children or parents looking to provide the best gifts.

Whether the commercialism of Christmas delights or sickens you, if you have any children in your life, toys are on plenty of wishlists. One can’t go wrong with the newest electronic toy. It seems as if children have been programmed to expect these types of toys. And the marketers delight in carrying out their wishes. It’s a win-win situation, a classic demonstration of a free market system at work.

As silly as all this hoopla over toys sounds, adults have their own version of snapping up the newest technology. No one actually calls them toys, but that’s essentially what they are. But don’t tell anyone that—it’s best to let the person continue on in his or her belief that this is a gadget that’s made for work or some other reasoning.

As much as adult life has its perks, let’s be honest in the drawbacks. Being an adult is difficult most of the time. Children believe that adults can do whatever they want, which is true, but adult life is hampered by boundaries and responsibilities. Every adult gets tired of work and taking care of others. That’s the honest truth. But there’s a remedy to all that, and kids have demonstrated this simple solution, particularly at Christmas time.

What’s the solution, you ask?

It’s really quite simple and easy, really. It’s all about bringing childlike fun back into your life. In many ways this sort of fun will heal weary souls in ways no amount of money or recognition by others can match. It’s time to take inspiration from the children.

Do you ever wish that kids’ toys could be made in an adult version? It seems as if every year more and more toys are released with the younger consumer in mind. Of course, this makes sense because they’re the ones weakest to instant gratification, which translates into persistently begging their parents or some other adult with cash to purchase the item for them. It’s a marketer’s dream.

Still, some kids’ toys are so amazing most adults would jump at the chance to test one of them out. Sure, they claim they’re only making sure of the toy’s safety or some other mature-sounding reason, but the truth of the matter is that the adult is delighted to feel like a kid again. The toys considered here are pure fun, and we can all use more of that these days, no matter how old we are. Right?

What kinds of toys are we talking about here?

In case squishy, cutesy toys passed through your mind, that’s not it. There is a time and place for them, but for this purposes of this article the focus is on electric scooters.

Before you roll your eyes upon seeing the word “scooter,” just consider it. The electric scooters at Electric Rider are sleek and streamlined, handle adult weights easily, and have the added bonus of possibly being used as a commuter vehicle. That got your attention, didn’t it?

So this definitely appeals to the adult side of you. You’re able to relieve your youth, but much better.

And before you scoff at the idea of using an electric scooter as a commuter vehicle you need to check out what’s available. Some have features that will benefit anyone on the lookout for something that requires less effort than a bike (no pedaling involved) and it reaches speeds comparable to mopeds and such. Some scooters are even seated, although if your commute is a short one fifteen to twenty minutes of standing isn’t too difficult to handle.

So why not think about all the ways you can get to work without using your gas powered car or carpooling with people you can’t stand to be around. An electric scooter is a viable option. Of course, you may gain plenty of attention, but that may work in your favor. Who knows, perhaps you’ll start an electric scooter trend in your neighborhood or office. Or your scooter may spark a conversation with your future spouse. The possibilities are endless.

So this Christmas season, remember that the fun isn’t just for the children. This is a time of wonder, reflection, and most of all it’s an opportunity for you to let go of all the stress and worry. Take the time to do something for yourself. You work hard all year—it’s time to let your inner child out and just enjoy.