Expert Tips to Keep Your Home Rower in Perfect Condition

If you are a fitness fanatic and you don’t have time to hit the gym on a daily basis, a home rower is a great replacement for the expensive gym membership fee that you might not use wholly. This machine gives you the flexibility to exercise whenever you want. However, as you go through the paces of training, the machine develops wear and tear. The depreciation is faster if you don’t maintain your rower. Here are a few DIY tips on how to keep the machine in tip top shape.

Perform a Regular Check

Before any training session, run a quick check to make sure everything is perfect. Using the rower when one of the components isn’t working perfectly might lead to accidents, or cause further damage to the machine. Here are some few checks you can run:

•    Run the seat up and down the rail and feel whether the movement is smooth or it sticks. Take note of any unusual sounds such as clicks. If the seat sticks or it produces noises while it slides, clean the rollers and wipe the rails to remove any impediment.

•    Hold the seat and shake it to feel whether it wobbles on its base. Wobbling signifies loose screws that you need to identify and tighten.

•    Check for loose connections and hanging wires.

•    Check for leaks; that is if you own a hydraulic home rower.

Additionally, be very keen during your workout to identify any unusual noises. When this happens, stop and check the source and fix it before proceeding with your workout.

Check the Screws Regularly

When you receive your home rower, make sure you identify the parts that are held together by screws because this knowledge becomes necessary when it is time for maintenance. When the screws become loose, the rower may start making unusual sounds when you use it. Some of the parts might behave strangely, for instance, the flywheel might shake whenever you row.

This issue requires an easy fix – use an Allen wrench to tighten the loose screws, and you are ready to proceed with your workout.

Lubricate the Chain Regularly and Check for Stiff Links

You need to perform this task every 50 hours of regular use. Use motor oil or mineral oil for the job or any oil type that the manufacturer recommends. Apply a few drops to a paper towel and rub it along the entire length of the chain. Remove any excess oil. Repeat the motion if the chain seems dry after the first pass. In total, use about one teaspoon of either lubricant. Avoid using solvent or detergent to remove traces of old oil.

Take some time and check for stiff chain links. The links need to move smoothly over the sprocket. If lubricating the chain doesn’t remove the stiffness, replace the entire chain.

Note that checking the chain or replacing it isn’t applicable when you own a rower that uses a plastic or fabric line.

Monitor the Guard Rail

The guard rail is susceptible to debris and dust accumulation. These foreign materials hamper the proper functioning of the seat. If the seat slides over the debris, they clump together and make the ride bumpy and uncomfortable. Make sure you clean the rails each week to remove any dust that has built up over a few days.

Be on the Look Out for Wear and Tear

Wear and tear, especially on moving parts, happens due to regular use of the rower. Make sure you check out for any change in the integrity of the moving parts

Replace the Water for Your Water Rower

If you own a water home rower, make sure to replace the water often. You can alternatively add the water purification powder that the manufacturer recommends. Doing this prevents algae growing in the tank.

Conclusion: Proper Maintenance Guarantees Happy Rowing

Using the home rower with a sticky or weak component such as a sprocket, chain shock cord or a swivel connector can lead to injury. If you check the rower and you are in doubt about the condition of any component, make sure you replace it immediately. If you need to replace the machine entirely, read expert reviews by Home Rover and make the perfect choice. Make use of the buyer’s guide on the site to select a similar model or a better one.