Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is coming, and while some dads are easy to shop for, others definitely aren’t. Sure, you can opt for just a card, but why take the easy way out when you can amaze your dad with the perfect gift? Check out our guide below for some ideas. Here’s a secret: you can use these ideas to shop for men who are not your dad, too! No need to thank us.

The obvious choices

A book, a CD (your parents still have a CD player, right?) or a DVD of a film or favourite TV show may seem like an unimaginative, obvious choice, but each one can actually make a perfectly enjoyable gift. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel when shopping for presents, especially for something like Father’s Day, which isn’t exactly a birthday or Christmas. As long as you put some thought into choosing something your dad will actually enjoy, rather than grabbing the first thing you see and hoping for the best, you’ll do fine.


Studies have found that money spent on experiences often brings more happiness than money spent on things, so why not treat your dad to a fun activity instead of buying a traditional gift? You can now buy gift experiences of everything from afternoon tea to supercar driving experiences, tours, wine tastings and anything else you could possibly imagine. Most of these also offer free exchanges or open-ended experiences, so that your father could choose his own activity.

Another option is to aim for a workshop, course or class in something your dad may be interested in. Why not book him on a computer course, a cooking or baking one or an online language course? These are especially good if your dad is getting on a bit, as they all help keep the brain sharp. It’s never too late to learn something new and group classes are also wonderful places for meeting new people.

Of course, a ticket to the theatre or a concert can also be a great choice and can make for a special evening out for the whole family.


If your dad is getting old, there are plenty of helpful gadgets and gifts that can help improve his life. Anything from magnifying glasses to book lights and ornate pill boxes can be useful, while also being fun and thoughtful. Other gifts could be matched to your dad’s particular activities and hobbies – things to make working in the garden or DIY projects easier, for example, such as gardening gloves, a new power tool your dad’s been missing, etc.

Gifts for cooks

Does your dad enjoy cooking? Many men do, so why not encourage this wonderful activity by giving your dad something related? Cookbooks, kitchen gadgets, quality pots and pans or a good kitchen knife set are all thoughtful gifts you could aim for (someone created another list of great kitchen knife reviews here). Chefs need their tools, after all, to make cooking easier and allow them to make fancier dishes.

There are plenty of cookbooks aimed at men in particular, especially men who love cooking but are still kitchen novices. But there is no need to get a book particularly aimed at men. Base your choice on food your dad enjoys eating, instead, as that is likely to be what he’d enjoy cooking the most. If your dad has a sense of humour, you could also aim for novelty kitchen or BBQ gifts. Everyone loves a funny apron, after all!

Magazine subscriptions

This may be similar to books and CDs in terms of not being particularly original, but a subscription to a magazine on a subject your father is interested is literally a gift that keeps on giving. Whether it’s golf, football, technology, music or literature, your father will be able to read about his favourite subjects every month. Could do worse, really.

Hampers, food and drink gifts

Depending on your family, your dad may appreciate a fine bottle of wine, a selection of quality beers or another alcoholic drink, some fine chocolates or a hamper full of luxury food items. These are great gifts if you don’t want to make too much of a big deal of Father’s Day but still want your dad to have something nice. For many men, a bottle of quality whiskey is the perfect gift. Maybe your dad is one such man?