Important Considerations to make before Hiring a Heating and Cooling System Contractor

A home is a significant investment irrespective of where you live. As such, it is crucial that you protect that investment by making sure you hire reputable, competent, and experienced contractors that care about the quality of work they offer. Your home HVAC system is an important but also a very sophisticated system. Thus, the contractor you hire must treat your home in the same way he would treat his. However, with so many HVAC contractors and technicians out there willing to help you with installations or repairs, it can be hard to pinpoint a particular company.  There are some important factors you need to take into account to get the right contractor for your HVAC system. That is because the contractor you choose plays a vital role in your home’s safety, comfort, and air quality. Take these important considerations into account before making your hiring decision.


The HVAC contractor must have a competent understanding of how different aspects work in unison to enhance heating or cooling in a home. He needs to have a good grasp of combustion systems, electrical wiring, refrigerant, and also how air flows through the heating ducts.  As such, different states have minimum requirements that HVAC contractors must attain to become licensed. Such requirements include a minimum amount of training or on-the-job experience, usually two to five years working with the complex HVAC systems.

Working with a licensed HVAC contractor such as RelEnergy means your home will be not only comfortable but also safe. Any HVAC system installed improperly can lead to fatal outcomes including death, as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning.  Therefore, understanding the licensing and certification requirements that contractors need to have can help you make an informed hiring decision. There are websites provided by some state governments where you can check the licensing status of different contractors.

Insurance is also another requirement you need to consider. An insured contractor relieves you the responsibility of any injuries that may occur during the work.


Before contracting any HVAC company, ask for a list of references including previous customers you can contact to authenticate the quality of work provided and their satisfaction. Most professional companies should be able to give you their references with pleasure because they are confident about their services. Make sure you contact some of those customers and get a detailed insight on how the projects fared. If you encounter a company that is hesitant to provide you with references, kindly walk away while you still can.


Be on the lookout for reputable companies with special offers. A good number of HVAC companies offer periodic offers either monthly, quarterly or yearly to new customers or for particular services. Such promotions can help you cut down on the cost. Hence, you should ask about any ongoing promotions or offers so that you can take them into your price consideration.

Brands carried

There are different HVAC brands in the market, and different contractors may more familiar with some than others. Therefore, as you seek estimates for new or replacement HVAC equipment, remember to ask the contractor which brands they are most accustomed to. Depending on the kind of answer you get, you may want to limit your hiring to companies that only deal with your brand type.


Your decision should not solely depend on the amount charged by a contractor, get estimates from, say at least three companies. The amount charged may differ from one company to the other, however, so is the details, overall scope, and completion dates. Hence, getting documented estimates from different companies will help you compare and choose the most appealing based on a combination of different considerations. With a system as complex as an HVAC, you’d rather pay a little bit more for quality services than pay little for shoddy work, which could be a disaster in waiting.

Home Evaluation

Before the commencement of any work, most professional HVAC contractors will carry out a comprehensive assessment of your home to ensure it is fit for installing a new HVAC system. Such an evaluation also helps to uncover the best heating and cooling system for your home taking into account your budget and the location of installation.

Payment Schedule

Installing a new HVAC system is a cumbersome and costly endeavor. Will you need to pay a down payment and settle the rest on planned or progress payments or are you using a credit plan? Again, if you enter into a credit scheme, make sure you carefully read and understand all the terms and conditions indicated to have an idea of your financial obligations.