Rowing Machine Workouts

Many people might look down on the rowing machine and mistakenly believe that it is a boring piece of equipment that does not offer you a very good workout.

However, these people are wrong and there are many good workouts that you can try on a rowing machine to reach your goal – be it to gain fitness, strength or to lose weight.

The rowing offers a full body workout and once you get acquainted with the various types of workouts – the rowing machine won’t ever bore you.

You can opt for long distance endurance workouts, interval training, pyramid training as well as sprint workouts – and if you get bored with any of these, you can also race with your workout buddy.

Let’s look at interval workouts. This type of workout helps you build speed and strength and it adds variety to your workout by breaking it into intervals which vary between high and low intensity, rather than one long time interval of rowing at the same speed.

For this workout you will to program your rowing machine so make sure you know how to do this.

It is always important to warm-up before you start any workout to avoid unnecessary injuries. Make sure you warm up by rowing for 2 minutes at approximately 70% of your intensity level. This is a warm up, so don’t push yourself!

After your warm up, set the timer on your machine at 30 seconds and start your workout by rowing at a 100% intensity level and then recover by rowing at a lower intensity for 10 seconds.

Repeat this 30 second set 4 times and follow it with a recovery row period of 1 minute. Repeat the set 3 to 5 times and aim for a 15 – 20 min workout.

The endurance workout is the best workout if your aim is to lose weight. This is not an exercise routine that is focused on speed, but more on consistency and keeping your heart rate elevated throughout the workout.

During this workout your aim is to row at a low intensity at a comfortable pace for between 10 to 20 minutes. As your fitness level increases you can aim for rowing for longer at a higher intensity.

The perfect cardio workout on a rowing machine is a pyramid workout. It is very similar to interval training where you switch your pace during the workout. During a pyramid workout you will start rowing at a certain intensity level and vary it over time.

You can, for example, decide to start at 20 strokes per minute over 30 seconds, and increase it to 22 strokes over the same time and again increase it to 24 strokes and so forth and then bring the stroke count back down again over the course of a 20 minute workout session.

Don’t walk past the rowing machine during your next workout – get acquainted with it, master your rowing form and then try out these different workouts. You won’t regret it and your body won’t ever be the same!

This guide is offered to you by Row Flow – the rowing machine expert!