Things to Look For in a Baby Movement Monitor

Baby Movement Monitor

Preparing for a new baby is hectic yet fun at the same time. One of the best moments is shopping for what you need. You need a lot of items to make it through the delivery and baby-raising period. As a parent, you want to do what is humanly possible to ensure the safety of your kid. You always make sure you clothe them, feed them, rush them to the hospital and make sure they grow under the nest conditions. With this said, it is a good idea to keep out an eye or an ear for the baby using a baby movement monitor.

Some people might argue that this tool isn’t necessary for the home, but if you consider the rate of infant mortality 50 years ago and the numbers during the age of the baby movement monitor, there is a huge difference. So, even if your baby is in the adjacent room, using a baby monitor is vital. However, for you to enjoy the benefits that accompany this tool, you need to have the best baby movement monitor for this role. Let us look at some of the most important features to look out for when shopping for one.

Portability Plus a Good Battery Life

It is inconveniencing keeping the receiver plugged in a wall socket at a single place. This restricts your movement to only one spot. With a good battery and a portable size, you can move with the monitor to another room and have peace of mind knowing that you can still monitor the baby’s movement from that distance.

The Clarity

Most important is the reception of the receiver module. You need to test the monitor for this feature at different distances from the baby’s crib. You don’t want to have a baby monitor that gives you static noise all the time instead of clear sounds. The higher the GHz, the better the reception and the clearer the sound. A high-quality monitor is also less prone to interference. Digital monitors are known to provide better reception as compared to analog devices.

An aspect that affects clarity is the range. Would you like to take the receiver with you to the backyard? Do you live in a multistoried house or on a single floor? Consider these queries when deciding on a monitor to purchase.

To Have Video or Not?

One of the exciting features of baby monitors is the inbuilt video monitoring system. Most parents forget that a baby doesn’t just cry when there is a problem. At times the problem is manifested through movement or lack of it. If you have two babies to monitor, you need to be able to control the camera remotely.

You are better off if you can get a monitor with a camera with night vision. This is because when the baby moves and the receiver alerts you, take a look at the video and see whether the baby is fully awake or whether they are just having one of their toddler nightmares. Going into the baby’s room to check whether they are awake or not usually wakes the baby or ends up exciting them that is if they are partially awake. Remember, not every noise should make you wake up.

The Lowdown

Having a baby monitor in your baby’s room allows you to know what goes on in real-time. You can check on your baby remotely without being there physically. This is much better than running back to the baby’s crib every five minutes. It also allows you to perform your chores without the need to carry the baby in a sling